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Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr. popularly known as Damian Lillard, is one of the best players playing in the NBA. He played point guard post for the Portland Trail Blazers. His job as a professional basketball player was not as steady as one might think. Even Lillard got criticised throughout his career in the basketball world. Yet one of the legendary players he was, download his amazing pictures as Damian Lillard background.

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Damian Lillard wallpapers

Damian Lillard was born in Oakland, USA. This is one of the most vulnerable areas in America. He arose up in a bad environment. Yet he is one of the best dunk players, download Damian Lillard dunk wallpaper for free here. Lillard’s small body often gets harassment by criminals in the area. Lillard gave in to circumstances and he ventured against the harassers.

Portland wallpaper 1920x1080

Lillard did not want to join the illegal organisation so he tried to turn his world into basketball. Slowly Lillard became fond of this one sport. Lillard donates his time in the gym. He trained every day, from morning to night. Even the gym owner said he had to come beforehand so Lillard could come in and train. When entering college, Lillard was lucky to have a small university that would allow him, namely Weber State. Download now the best of these pictures of Damian Lillard dedicated to the team he played for the Portland Trail Blazers.

It was here that Lillard’s profession began to grow. Lillard developed with the Weber State basketball club. He was able to defeat a team from a large university that had rejected him earlier. You can easily get your hands on the best collection of Damian Lillard dunk wallpaper here on our website. He also defeated several personalities who had insulted him while sitting in high school. Faith and his awesome playing at Weber State led Lillard to be forwarded to the NBA draft in 2012. He was finally taken by the Blazers and fortunately became the rookie of the year at that time.

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